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Great White Shark

Great White Shark

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Dive into the deep blue sea with the Great White Shark by Matt Mire Makes! This oceanic predator is swimming straight out of the wild waves to become your new aquatic sidekick. With a devilish grin and a swishy tail, it's ready to take on any underwater escapade you can imagine. Perfect for shark fans and marine life enthusiasts who want to make a splash at playtime!


Safety Disclaimer:

Please note that these toys are designed for creative play and may not be suitable for very young children. Our 3D printed collection includes items that can have small, sharp, or delicate features. While we strive to craft our toys to be robust and resilient to enthusiastic play, they are created from PLA — a more environmentally conscious, corn-derived plastic. While PLA is a great eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastics, it may not have the same durability as materials like ABS. As such, care should be taken, as rough play may lead to broken parts which could pose a choking hazard. Always supervise playtime to ensure safety and longevity of your toy.

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